Our Products

At Collapsible Cooler, we aim to be the preferred partner for your cold chain distribution process. Our unique, cost-effective and customizable cooler shipping solutions save you space, time, and money while providing more durability and better insulating quality. Compare for yourself and be amazed!

See how easy it is to assemble our coolers or download an instruction sheet here. Contact us to find out more and request a free sample.

Collapsible Foam Coolers

Our coolers are made with EPS foam to provide maximum insulation and protection while remaining lightweight, durable and reusable. All coolers come with an integrated plastic lining bag and 200lb corrugated shipping box.

If you are unable to find a stock size that works for your application, ask us about our economical customization options.  We can accommodate almost any desired specification and/or optional components.


Gel Packs / Ice Bricks

Our affordably priced, non-toxic gel ice packs and bricks are a perfect complement to our collapsible coolers for shipping your refrigerated items. With thick, heat sealed poly bags and FDA compliant materials, the durability and dependability of these coolants means you can be assured that your products will arrive fresh.

You can add our in stock gel packs to any palletized cooler order without incurring additional shipping costs!

Ice bricks are drop-shipped direct to you from the manufacturer.

Thermalast Bags

ThermaLast Bags are a perfect compliment to our coolers, enhancing the existing R-value and creating a highly reliable yet affordable solution. In fact, you can extend your shipping window by 25% or more over an EPS container alone, without decreasing your packing space or increasing your dimensional weight with thicker foam or additional coolant. Calculate your savings today in reduced storage, shipping and coolant costs!