Looking to Improve Your Cold Chain Shipping?

Collapsible Coolers can help by saving 50-80% of your storage space, significantly reducing your shipping and handling costs, while providing a better quality, highly customizable product at a significantly reduced cost.

Collapsible Coolers arrive flat at your site, store flat in your warehouse, stay flat until you are ready use them. Then they unfold in only seconds and you are ready to pack, seal and ship!

Our unique design is more durable and provides better insulating qualities than traditional fully formed or foam insert coolers. We offer industry standard sizes ready to ship next day or you can request completely custom dimensions or accessories to fit your specific size and cooling needs.


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Stock Up for the Summer

Shipping temperature controlled items that need to stay cold as the temperatures warm? Look no further than Collapsible Cooler! 

We give you the flexibility to be prepared for highly variable demands of summer orders without over-crowding your warehouse and work space with tons of dead air space. You can replace the space of two or three formed coolers with a carton of more than a dozen of our coolers.

Taking only seconds to assemble and with better R-value performance and greater durability than fully formed or foam insert coolers, you can’t go wrong choosing a Collapsible Cooler.

Look through our standard sizes or talk to us about getting a sample cooler custom-made just for your gift box shipping needs.

Our Markets

We’ve helped many local and national businesses ensure their products ship safely, including:

  • Seafood and raw meats
  • Dairy
  • Produce


  • Desserts
  • Frozen foods
  • Pharmaceuticals