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Custom made coolers are our specialty.

Looking to Improve Your Cold Chain Shipping?

Collapsible Coolers can help by saving up to 50-80% of your storage space, significantly reducing your shipping and handling costs, while providing a better quality, highly customizable product at a significantly reduced cost.

Collapsible Coolers arrive flat at your site, store flat in your warehouse, stay flat until you are ready use them. Then they unfold in only seconds and you are ready to pack, seal and ship!

Our unique design is more durable and provides better insulating qualities than comparable formed or foam insert coolers. We offer industry standard sizes ready to ship next day or you can request custom dimensions and accessories to fit your specific size and cooling needs. Customizing with us is hassle free – there are no expensive molds, customization fees or large minimum quantities.

We also offer an assortment of gel packs, ice bricks, foam dividers and more.

Your ideal solution is only a phone call or email away – request your free sample or spec cooler today.

See how easy assembly is...

  • Pull a flat cooler and shipper from the case….
  • …set aside the loose top…
  • …open at the reference dots…
  • …square up the corners and bottom…
  • …insert into shipping box and pack product…
  • …then place top, seal and ship!
Collapsible Cooler full of frozen meat

Stock up for summer shipping!!

With warmer temperatures around the corner, ensure you are prepared. Whether you use 20 or 2000 coolers per month, we can meet your needs with stock or custom coolers and gel packs in any quantity. With lead times measured in days (not weeks) and the ability to ship on demand or on a recurring schedule, you’ll never have to worry about your stock running out at a key moment.

Ask today for free samples of sizes you are interested in, do your own testing and see for yourself how our service and quality products show you can’t go wrong with a Collapsible Cooler. Look through our standard sizes or talk to us about getting a sample cooler custom-made just for your product shipping needs.

Maximize Your Freight Spend!!

If you need large quantities of coolers shipped to you at the lowest possible cost, why pay to ship the dead air space of traditional formed coolers? Our flat-pack dense carton format means you can receive get 60-200+ coolers on a single pallet, saving you money on freight, storage and handling costs.

Simply pull three pieces from the box, expand the sides and slide into corrugated boxes sourced from us or on your own. In seconds you have a ready-to-go shipping solution with better R-value and greater durability than traditional coolers.

Densely packed Collapsible Coolers on a dolly for easy mobility

Why Us?

We’ve been helping customers like you succeed for almost 15 years. With a wealth of design experience and a range of flexible products, we can accommodate your specific business needs and scale as you grow. Whether starting small or getting multi-pallet shipments every other week, we’re your dependable source for temperature sensitive shipping solutions.