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Custom EPS Foam Coolers and Space Reducers

While we offer an extensive line of standard coolers, our specialty is creating custom shipping solutions that provide our customers – large or small – a top of the line shipping experience at an extremely affordable cost. Our unique cut-to-order manufacturing process means we can easily accommodate your ideal design without the expensive mold/setup fees or large minimum quantities most manufacturers require.

The benefits of having us develop a custom cooler solution for your products: 

  • Specially fit packaging provides the best protection during shipping and reduces costs for fill material
  • Air is your enemy – reducing dead space increases temperature stability during transit and potentially reduces coolant needs
  • There are no large setup fees, expensive molds, or mega-quantity requirements like there are with formed coolers
  • Leverage our supplier channels for low cost, low quantity custom cut and individually logo’d corrugated boxes
  • You can purchase just the EPS foam cooler from us, if you already have your own corrugated supply
  • Invest money in your product, not your inventory – we take orders by the dozens, not by the truck full
  • We gladly create free spec coolers for you to evaluate and test

We also supply EPS foam “space reducers” (1″, 1 1/2″, and 2″ thick foam bricks) custom cut to remove dead space in the coolers you use, whether ours or competitors. Simply combine one or more of these economical, light-weight pieces on the bottom of the cooler before loading to make one cooler become a multi-purpose solution, greatly simplifying your inventory and speeding the pack-out process. Or you can insert one in the middle of your pack-out to separate contents for protection or to create dual climates.

Contact us to find out more, speak to one of our shipping specialists and request your free spec cooler or sample.